Strategic Thinking Training Course

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Price 22000/-

Course outline
To resolve many of the threats and challenges that your organization will likely have to face, it is essential that you develop a business strategy that Incorporates a clear vision, new ideas, and innovative solutions.

This course explores the characteristics of strategic thinking, as well as the treats you need to plan and implement and effective strategy. It also cover how to develop your capacity for thinking Strategically through creative thinking being prepare to deal with complexity, and being aware of what is going on inside your organization


  • Thinking Strategically as a manager
  •  Using strategic thinking to consider the big picture
  •  Identify risks in your organization
  •  Assessing your organization risks
  •  Responding effectively to risks
  •  Six sigma strategic planning and development
  •  Preparing and implementing a business plan
  •  Competitive awareness and strategy

The course subscription validity period is for 6-12 Month respectively

All Students will get a certificate upon successful completion of courses.

  • The Course Subscription Validity Period is for 6 or 12 Months respectively
  • The Credential will be shared of this course within 48 hours of course enrollment.