Effective Negotiation Skills Training

Effective Negotiation Skills Training Course
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Price 20000/-

In the Business environment, one of the most prized skills is the art of negotiation. Whether it is agreeing prices with suppliers, setting deadlines with clients, or getting raise from a manager. Strong negotiations skills are must and are often the deciding factor between success and failure.

In this course you will learn how sharpen your negotiating skills through effective preparation and by focusing on the important issues at hand. You will explore the tools that will help you communicate for success. You will also learn common best practices for countering ineffective negotiation techniques, and for overcoming negotiation challenges, you will learn to stock your toolbox with negotiating strategy that will help you react to any challenges you encounter using powerful communication about the issues. A deep understanding of human nature, and a drive toward mutual agreement.


  • Personal Power and credibility
  •  Building personal power through influence
  •  Influence Other with Political Savvy
  •  The first step in Negotiating
  •  Negotiating the best Solution
  •  Issue focused Negotiation: Are you ready?
  •  You and your Negotiating Counterpart
  •  Reaching a Negotiated Agreement
  •  Tailoring Your Negotiating Approach
  •  Effective body language in negotiation

All Students will get a certificate upon successful completion of courses.

  • The Course Subscription Validity Period is for 6 or 12 Months respectively
  • The Credential will be shared of this course within 48 hours of course enrollment.