Creating Your Professional Edge

Creating your professional Edge Course Outline & Contents
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Course Outline- Most Employee in business organization must answer to someone else. From the top of organization chart to the bottom, nearly every manager and employee must look to a supervisor, a director, or even customer to establish priority assign tasks, set deadlines and evaluate results, whoever gives the direction is called the boss. On one level the boss decides how employees will perform their jobs. How well an employee meets requirements set by the boss determines whether the employee succeeds or fails. Receive rewards and penalties and earn praise or criticism.

In this course you will listen how to listen to your own inner boss, how to identify your internal standards, how to create plan to meet those standards, and how to apply your inner boss’s guidance to gain more control over your work, your goals and your futures.

The courses subscription validity period is for 6-12 Month respectively.

  • Professional Essentials: Becoming an Accountable Professional
  • Professional Essentials: Becoming your own best Boss
  • Professional Essentials: Becoming more professional through business Etiquette
  • Professional Essentials: Developing a personal accountability framework
  • Professional Essentials: Safe small talk
  • Professional Essentials: Broadening Your Learning Horizons
  • Professional Essentials: Reframing Negative Situations
  • Professional Essentials: Managing Goals
  • Professional Essentials: Targeting Professional Learning
  • Disciplines of Organizational Learning : Personal Mastery

All Students will get a certificate upon successful completion of courses.

  • The Course Subscription Validity Period is for 6 or 12 Months respectively
  • The Credential will be shared of this course within 48 hours of course enrollment.