Communicating With Impact Training

Communicating With Impact Training Course
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Price 14000/-

Course Outline

Working on your interpersonal communication skills is one the best ways you can contribute to a better work environment and stronger workplace relationships. By providing your ability to communicate with others both verbally and nonverbally. You will do your part to keep morale up and misunderstanding down. But being a good communicator is not just about having a friendly demeanor and being clear and up front when talking to others.

The learning path highlights the many facets of interpersonal communication. You will see how communication that rooted in clear intention and emotional intelligence builds trust. You will explore how various communication methods can help you make different point in different. You will learn what it means to be a respective communicator how you have to master not just giving a message but receiving one as well. And finally. You will examine the workplace communication issues that often
prove to be most tricky to deal with and how you can successfully negative them.


  • Interpersonal Communication that builds trust
  • Communication methods that make sense and make your point
  • ┬áBeing respective communication partner
  • ┬áCommunication Challenges: Negative Choppy Waters

The Course Validity period is for 6-12 Month Respectively